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Simplified Charitable Contributions

Manage your company's charitable contributions with nonprofits of your choice, all in one place.

Start A Volunteer Program

Create and manage business volunteer programs to engage your employees and build a culture of responsibility.

Showcase Your Support

Implement an interactive news feed that highlights your engagement with the nonprofits that you support.

Market Your Offerings

Regulate your very own rewards system for volunteers, create coupons, announce new products, create matching programs.

Join other businesses who are at the frontline of social responsibility

On track to engage 3 million volunteers & over 75,000 nonprofit organizations by 2019

As a business in a world of growing social responsibility, your collaboration with nonprofit causes and initiatives is the best investment for your brand, your growth, your market reach and impact.

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Creating a profile is free. Your profile is what represents your company values and the level of your engagement with the causes you choose. Volunteers and nonprofits can find your business based on the incentives you offer and the causes that you support.

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Gain access to your very own interactive dashboard. Allocate responsibilities within your organization, with different levels of access for owner and company employee - managing permissions when it comes to donations management.

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Implement your interactive news feed that automatically publicizes your engagement and giving initiatives throughout the platform.

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Volunteer Program

Create Business Volunteer Programs

Engage your employees with a business volunteer program and watch their productivity and work satisfaction go through the roof. Further, establish your company culture by supporting causes that align with your company values.

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Dig Into Analytics

Gain access to specific data on demographic of volunteers, their location and level of engagement, nonprofits and causes they choose, and more. Get a deeper understanding of the market and what that means for your business.

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Business Marketplace

Allocate Resources & Establish Incentives

Establish the “currency exchange rate” for TEC and your goods and services. Create coupons, announce new products, and create gift matching programs. You have full flexibility to allocate and use your company resources in creative ways to help organizations and causes your business supports. 

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Powerful Marketing Channel

90% of millennials would prefer to shop with a retailer that shares a common goal in giving back to the community. Tap into a demographic of engaged Tecdonor volunteers who hold an expanding reach in the marketplace.

Attract Top Talent Employees

83% of millennials would take a pay cut to work with companies with a good cultural fit. What this really means is that top talent and future leaders are looking to work for companies who engage and give back to their community, social and global causes. The pool of volunteers at Tecdonor may very well be the best place to scout top talent.

Increased Revenues & Customer Loyalty

Countless number of studies demonstrate a direct correlation between company volunteer programs and increased customer loyalty coupled with increased revenues for businesses that engage in helping their communities.

The Big Picture

Tecdonor is setting a new industry standard by enhancing the collaboration efforts of private sector engagement like never before.

Become A Part Of History
  • “It used to be challenging finding enough volunteers to ensure we were able to meet our objectives. Now we are actually having to turn down applications”
    Jason Ament
    Bellevue Food Bank - Bellevue, WA
  • “Managing and recruiting a team of volunteers is as simple as signing just couldn't get any easier!”
    Rob Thomas
    Red Cross Blood Drive Manager — Buffalo, NY
  • “We’ve been using Tecdonor since day one and it just keeps getting better. Now we can focus on creating change instead of project management.”
    Maguerite Holland
    Water For Kids — Orlando, FL

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