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Giving back has never been so rewarding.

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A Program For

Volunteers, Nonprofits & Businesses

Helping nonprofit organizations create and manage volunteer programs while fostering a social community where volunteers earn rewards for every hour they contribute to worthy causes.


Giving back has never been so rewarding

Empowering social change, one reward point at a time.


Volunteers use Tecdonor to engage in volunteer opportunities while earning TEC (tax exempt credits) rewards for every hour they contribute. Earned TEC is exchanged for products and services from our socially responsible partners or donated to nonprofits that exchange TEC for resources to further their mission.

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Nonprofits use Tecdonor as a complete solution for managing their volunteer workforce with an integrated community of skilled volunteers who care about the causes they support. Tecdonor puts everything you need to recruit and retain quality volunteers, right at your fingertips.

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Businesses who are paving the way to the front lines of social responsibility gain access to a unique and cost profitable marketing channel, while creating volunteer programs to increase employee engagement, and seamlessly connect with nonprofits to build strategic partnerships in social responsibility.

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Social Sharing

Social Change As A Lifestyle

An Opportunity For Everyone

Find volunteer opportunities that align with causes you care about most! Choose from opportunities to support your local communities or contribute to remote causes from anywhere in the world.

Rewarding For All The Right Reasons

Get rewarded for your generosity and redeem TEC rewards for products and services that support your socially responsible lifestyle.

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Social Network With A Purpose

Stay In Touch With The People You Meet

Stay in touch with the friends you make while volunteering and plan future volunteering opportunities together with social media features like community chat and video conferencing.

Collaborate & Build Strategic Partnerships

Extensive network of businesses, nonprofits, and volunteers allows for creative collaboration, seamless connectivity based on aligned values and matched skill sets to achieve new heights in social solutions.

Be An Example For Social Change & Share Your Experiences

Share your volunteer experiences directly with like-minded peers who value social responsibility. With photos and videos, you can tell your story across the platform and beyond, growing your influence as a leader in social responsibility.

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Business Benefits

Tecdonor will become an industry standard by enhancing the collaborative efforts of private sector engagement like never before.

Businesses will benefit from this standard by regulating their product discounts, charitable contributions, marketing channels, and social responsibility programs in one location. 

End user analytics will enable business users to further their reach into the communities they support, and nonprofit analytics to help them understand the purchasing habits and market potential.

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Nonprofit Benefits

A volunteer management system, a recruiting and marketing tool, Tecdonor is a comprehensive volunteer retention platform that truly redefines the conversation in the social sector.

Nonprofits spend TEC to redeem resources provided by our business partners. From school supplies for their student to shelters that provide food or clothing for the homeless, nonprofits are supported by our partners and by volunteers we serve.

Beyond the platform functionality, Tecdonor is driving growth and economic impact in every sector. Together, we are expanding the mission to focused regions and underdeveloped countries throughout the world.

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Volunteer Benefits

Tecdonor reward volunteers for every hour they contribute. For each hour in the field with one of our certified nonprofits, a volunteer earns 20 TEC rewards. 

With earned TEC, individuals purchase additional discounts from our business partners or donate these rewards to a nonprofit of their choice.

By incentivizing volunteer involvement, tracking their progress and the skills obtained, we’re building a network of experienced citizens committed to bettering the world and reshaping what volunteerism means.

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Global Impact

Tecdonor is empowering community engagement with the social sector as part of a lifestyle that’s setting a new standard for social responsibility. All the while, participating volunteers develop skills and networking opportunities to further their careers and the quality of life that’s possible for social change. We know that every participant is an important piece to the puzzle, and when joined, we achieve a new level of sustainability in every industry throughout the world.

Companies Who Love Tecdonor

Many nonprofits and businesses rely on Tecdonor to support their volunteer programs and empower their social responsibility are just a few.

  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Iowa
  • Courageous Women Association
  • For Love & Art
  • Music Forward Foundation
  • America's Children Of Fallen Heroes
  • Skia Ranch
  • Handicap International
  • Texas Museum Of Science & Technology
  • Nonprofit Sector Foundation
  • Dove Inc.
  • Burke Center For Youth
  • The Global Good Fund
  • Make-A-Wish Orange County And The Inland Empire
  • One Community
  • International STEM Society For Human Rights
  • Norooz Clinic Foundation
  • Crystal Adoptions
  • Coder Dojo

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